Couple says honeymoon aboard a Carnival cruise ship was a nightm -

Couple says honeymoon aboard a Carnival cruise ship was a nightmare

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John Shoemaker and Christine Parker. Credit: KMOV John Shoemaker and Christine Parker. Credit: KMOV

A St. Louis couple’s cruise took seasickness to a whole new level.

John Shoemaker and Christine Parker spent their honeymoon on the Carnival cruise the Triumph.

They said the hellish cruise started off badly when a lighting sconce fell off and hit John exposing wires.

Then, black, putrid liquid started bubbling up in their shower drain, Christine says.

“They would tell us we can’t say it won’t happen again and it happened the next day and the next day. We got so familiar that we were on a first-name basis,” Christine said.

Finally, the newlyweds gave up, heading to the ship’s sap when nature called or when a shower was needed.

The Carnival Triumph had horrible problems in 2015 after a fire stranded more than 4,000 people on what’s now known as the “Poop Cruise” because the toilets would not work.

Christine said she complained to Carnival after they arrived home in St. Louis and the company offered her a 15 percent discount off a future cruise.

The Miami Herald reports after the couples cruise, the CDC found a laundry list of health violations aboard the ship.

Carnival sent News 4 the following statement:

While there was some back-up experienced in their shower drain during the cruise, it did not contain any sewage. The plumbing systems for sewage and showers are separate. When water sits in pipes it can develop an odor and when drains back up sometimes there is debris. You may have experienced this in your own home with a sink or shower which backs up and debris comes out. This is what occurred in their shower. The claim that the back-up contained sewage is absolutely false. The guests were responded to immediately and professionally and received multiple follow up calls and apologies from our staff during the voyage. They were provided with a $300 on board credit and a complimentary spa treatment for their inconvenience. It was explained to them on board several times that the back up did not contain sewage.

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