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Widespread flu found across 46 states

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(Meredith) – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are reporting widespread flu activity in 46 states, making this flu season one of the worst flu seasons in recent years.

“We’re in for a very substantial influence season,” Dr. William Schaffner of Vanderbilt University told CNN and WLS in Chicago. 

Another doctor, Dr. Sharon Welbel of the Cook County Health and Hospital System, mirrored Schaffner’s concerns.

"Some already have a high fever, some are scared,” she told CNN. “They are having trouble breathing. They're just not doing well."

California is one of the states that has been hit hardest by the flu. There have been 27 deaths linked to the flu, and experts say this flu season could be just as bad as 2014-2015’s flu season.

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What Spreads The Flu?

"All this getting together closely over the holidays and now locked in because of the cold and the snow that will enhance the transmission of flu," Schaffner said.

This year, doctors are fighting the H3N2 strain of the virus, which is a tough strain to fight.

"That strain of flu tends to change more rapidly than other strains from the time we know it's circulating to the time the vaccine is made,” Webel said.

How to Stop Spreading the Flu

The CDC has a few tips on how you can prevent spreading the flu:

  • Washing your hands
  • Disinfecting surfaces that are touched by multiple people.
  • Get a flu shot.


Information for this article was provided by CNN, WLS, HLN, and the CDC.

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