Here's what to do when your water main pipe burst -

Here's what to do when a pipe bursts at your home

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Roto Rooter fixes a broken water pipe in St. Louis County. (Credit: KMOV) Roto Rooter fixes a broken water pipe in St. Louis County. (Credit: KMOV)

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo., ( – With so many water mains breaking and pipes bursting, it's important you know what it takes to clean-up a mess if you find one inside your home.

Several people don't have water Friday night, but one homeowner does -- it's just not where he wants it. After this week hundreds of others, certainly know how he feels.

Homeowner Jeremy West led News 4 into the basement of his St. Louis County home where he has lived for about a year.

"I could hear the sound coming from behind there, Water was spraying from the pipe and just hitting the floor down here, " said West 

The early wake-up Wednesday morning gave way to a long day and a busted pipe.

"You could hear the spray but also hear the water [hitting] puddles of water," added West. "I was expecting to see a pipe fully separated. I had never seen a burst pipe before,"

West got the water turned off and called for Roto-Rooter to make repairs.

The company said West's timing helped keep the amount of damage small; crews found a hairline fracture on the pipe.

"We have walked into a house with three feet of water because the customer did not know how to shut off the water to their house," said Roto-Rooter Production Manager Aaron Eaton.

Once rushing water is stopped, a plumbing crew works to get rid of standing water and removing damaged items to air out.

"The baseboards took on enough water as to where they were unsalvageable. We also have to be able to gain access to the drywall to put holes in the base to gain access to cavities in the wall," added Eaton.

In addition to plumbing and drain cleanups, Roto-Rooter also floats carpets.

"We put air underneath the carpet to kind of balloon it up. As long as there is air flowing through, we are evaporating, at this point," added Eaton.

Roto-Rooter told News 4 West's situation was one of the least severe they've seen this week. If you own a home, you should know most insurance companies cover these kinds of incidents.

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