South City grandmother left for dead in hit-and-run crash: 'How -

South City grandmother left for dead in hit-and-run crash: 'How could you just leave me?'

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Janet Hahn. Credit: KMOV Janet Hahn. Credit: KMOV
Damaged vehicle after crash (Credit: Janet Hahn) Damaged vehicle after crash (Credit: Janet Hahn)

A south St. Louis mother and grandmother is badly shaken up after she says she was forced off the road and left for dead. 

Around 6 p.m. Saturday night Janet Hahn was driving westbound on Interstate 44, heading home to Kirkwood, when the crash occurred. Before she got to the Arsenal exit, Hahn remembers a dark-colored SUV slamming into her driver’s side.

“It was a loud and crashing sound. I did not know what to think,” said Hahn.

After being hit, Hahn’s SUV began sliding across the westbound lanes of the interstate. She never hit another car, but her vehicle slipped and slid until it hit a guardrail.

“I remember thinking when I was upside down and sliding, ‘Am I ever going to stop?’ It just seemed like it kept going and going,” added Hahn, who then saw smoke inside the vehicle.

The car was totaled.

“I reached back, removed my seatbelt, dropped down and shimmied out of the window,” Hahn said.

Hurting, but still alive, she remembers three women and a man offering help.

“It does not take a lot to touch somebody’s life. By them stopping and caring, about a total stranger, it is a phenomenal thing,” added Hahn.

The person responsible for the crash did not stick around.

“You’ve seen the cars before. They come flying up behind you, weave in and out of traffic and going 100 miles per hour. They don’t care,” she said.

Hahn’s sister shared what happened on Facebook hoping a witness will come forward and call the police.

“I don’t have really high expectations, but think people need to be aware,” Hahn said.

Hahn has words for who could have killed her.

“How could you just leave me? How could you just leave me there? I am blessed and very much lucky to be alive. The next person may not be,” added Hahn.

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