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End of cold snap could cause more pipes to burst

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV.com) -

Plumbers around the St. Louis area are especially busy during the latest cold snap and they don’t expect it to slow down even when it starts to warm up.

In fact, Justen Scherffius, a plumber at Sure-Fix Plumbing and Water Restoration anticipates being extra busy once it warms up as pipes begin to thaw out, leading to big problems.

“Once it starts to thaw you see a lot of the water actually coming into your home,” he said.

He’s dealt with pipes bursting after they thaw out as the water begins to flow, sending chunks of ice bursting through the pipes.

He says copper pipes are the most susceptible.

“You’ll hear hissing you’ll see water spraying,” he said. “If that does happen, that's when you’ll want to shut your water main off and call a professional.”

He recommends homeowners try to find the pipes in the most vulnerable spots, where there is the biggest cold air draft and covering those pipes with insulation you can find at your nearest hardware store.

You can also use towels to cover the pipes and protect them from the cold air. 

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