New year brings new laws to Missouri, Illinois -

New year brings new laws to Missouri, Illinois

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ST. LOUIS ( – The new laws going into effect in 2018 impact everything from your paycheck to what happens to your pet if you get divorced.

New laws for Missouri:

The minimum wage will go up by 15 cents, making the new minimum wage $7.85 an hour. The last time there was a minimum wage increase was in 2013, when it went it up a total of 50 cents an hour.

Another law going into effect will allow anyone adopted and born after 1941 to be able to request an original copy of their birth certificate. If the birth parent does not want to be identified, the information can be redacted and the child can still get their original birth certificate.  

Under another new law, people can petition the court to have some misdemeanors expunged from their record. Among the crimes eligible include passing a bad check and fraudulent use of a credit or debit device.

New laws for Illinois:

Starting New Year’s Day, 16 and 17-year-olds will be able to sign up to be an organ and tissue donor when they apply for their driver’s license or ID card. Secretary of State Jesse White said lowering the age from 18 will add thousands of teens to the donor list.

Also, domestic violence victims will not have to pay to break a cell phone contract while still keeping their numbers when they leave their abusers.

A new law will also recognize Aug. 4 as Barack Obama Day. It is not an official state holiday, so state workers won’t get time off, but the day will honor the former president.

Starting in 2018, pet owners will be allowed to create custody plans for pets as part of divorce agreements. A judge will be the decision-maker on who gets custody of the pets and, like a child, a pet can be shared or one person can get sole custody.

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