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Police: Why empty present boxes on the curb tip off thieves

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Police say empty boxes put in dumpsters or along the curb provide new hints for criminals looking for an opportunity.

Police say they see an uptick in break-ins right after the holidays because thieves will see empty boxes of Christmas presents in dumpsters.

As thieves scan your trash, the boxes will leave clues as to what new items are inside your home.

Wentzville police thieves are looking for crimes of opportunity.

“If you got a big item like a flat-screen TV, don’t put that curbside to where you’re advertising that we have new big screen TV in the house. That’s what criminals of opportunity look for,” said Wentzville Police Chief Kurt Frisz. “It indicates there’s a new item in the house and you could be a victim of a burglary.”

Just because the holidays are over, doesn’t mean thieves have stopped searching for packages.

Police in Wentzville arrested three teens for recent thefts, but police say with late packages coming after Christmas, the threat is still out there.

Police advise to take the time to break down boxes and put them in the dumpsters, as opposed to leaving them out for everyone to see.

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