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Flu cases jumping up rapidly across St. Louis area

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ST. CHARLES COUNTY (KMOV.com) -- Some communities are seeing a spike in flu numbers this year, and with families traveling to get together for the holidays, it may also mean getting together with loved ones who are carrying the flu bug.

The St. Louis area is a mixed bag of flu numbers, with some school districts saying the numbers are steadily climbing.

One county is seeing a dramatic jump and the CDC now has the flu listed as "widespread" in Missouri.

The Banks family in Shrewsbury has been dealing with the flu for two weeks.

Jessica Banks came down with it first.

I was on the couch for four straight days,” she said. “I could barely get up to prepare meals or take care of myself or the children so it was pretty severe.”

Monday morning she was called to school to pick up her pre-schooler Theo who had a fever.

When she got home she got a call 90 minutes later.

“I turned right back around to get another child,” she said.

11-year-old Lucy was sick.

“I just didn't really feel well. Got really hot all of sudden and got a headache,” Lucy said.

The whole family has battled the flu, with some members under the weather for multiple weeks. In St. Charles County, the number of flu cases went from 110 to 215 last week, a jump of 95 percent.

In Franklin County they went from 18 to 132. A jump of more than 600 percent.

So far in December, the St. Louis County Department of Health has recorded 452 flu cases.

At SSM Health DePaul Hospital in Bridgeton, the staff says it diagnosed 15 flu cases in the first week of December. That number more than tripled to 46 the following week.

Some schools, like those in Litchfield, Illinois, have shut down to disinfect the schools and give students time to recoup.

Still, others are reporting nothing out of the ordinary.

Missouri is now one of about a dozen states where the flu is considered "widespread." the CDC has Illinois listed as “Regional."

Even more disheartening, everyone in the Banks family got their flu shot this year.

“It is disappointing,” Jessica said. “Seems it's worked better in the past and we've usually rely on it. We have so many little ones rely on it to reduce our risk.”

Jessica says her husband is the only one who hasn't come down with the flu yet. In the meantime, he's taking vitamins and washing his hands a lot.

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