Some express concerns about proposed luxury apartment building i -

Some express concerns about proposed luxury apartment building in Clayton

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The proposed high rise at Brentwood and Forsyth in Clayton. Credit: KMOV The proposed high rise at Brentwood and Forsyth in Clayton. Credit: KMOV

The Board of Alderman in the City of Clayton approved the sale of a city-owned parking lot for $1.1 million for a high rise development Tuesday night.

The proposal by developer Flaherty & Collins is to build a 22-story 228 residential unit building at the corner of Forsyth and Brentwood. The first floor would contain retail and it would contain 324 structured parking spots, but parking has been a big concern for those that live, work and dine in Clayton. 

Several people spoke at a Planning and Zoning meeting Monday and at Tuesday’s Board of Alderman meeting, expressing concern that there weren’t enough spots to make up for the 132 spots currently in the surface lot. 

Craig Owens, the city manager of Clayton, says they hired an outside contractor to come up with the number of parking spots. 

“There’s office workers that will use those spaces and they’ll share parking with people who will be leaving, the apartment dwellers won’t be there during the day,” said Owens. But it’s not just the parking, it’s the price of the city sold the land for. 

“If this city is going to give the developer $8 or $9 million discount on the sales price then at least we ought to get a decent parking plan out of it,” said Jeff Rainford who works in Clayton and represents a client who works right next to the proposed project. 

Owens said the developer will not be receiving any other tax incentives and said this is a good opportunity for the city. 

“This is a discounted price no question but this proposal satisfied everything we needed and they were the only ones that came out and said we do not need anymore incentives. We’ll pay you the $1.1 million for the property but we’re also going to build you a mixed-use property that’s consistent with the 10-year plan,” said Owens. 

The Board of Alderman approved the sale unanimously but said it’s just the first step. The developer wanted to have the deal completed by the end of the year, but the city still has 90 days to get the land back if they don’t meet all the proper requirements. 

Deron Kintner, a representative for the developer, told the mayor and the board they would be willing to add additional parking spots if that’s what the city wanted. 

They do not have a price point yet for the apartments but Kinter described them as first-class luxury apartments that will have amenities like a rooftop pool, fitness center and clubhouse. The hope is to break ground in 2018.

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