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Tenants claim shootings, mold are concerns at apartment complex in South City

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Southwest Crossing Apartments. Credit: KMOV Southwest Crossing Apartments. Credit: KMOV

"It's like constant violence and nothing's being done," said Travion Thompson

Bullet holes in the bumper of Thompson's candy-apple red Dodge Charger serve as a constant reminder of what he considers a close call.

Thompson told News 4 that he, his pregnant wife, Jazzy, and their 1-year-old son, Royel, have called Southwest Crossing Apartments in St. Louis' Carondelet neighborhood home for the last 9 months.

"We're terrified of going there," said Jazzy Thompson. "We don't know what could happen."

The couple said their car was broken into and tampered with multiple times during their stay at the apartment complex.

Still, it's what happened while trying to get away from a suspicous group of people Sunday that turned out to be the last straw.

"When I got on the highway, they were on the highway," said Travion Thompson. "Before I knew it, they were shooting at my car."

Now, the family's out more than $500, T.E.H. Realty, the Kansas-City based company that owns the complex, claims the Thompsons forfeited their security deposit after moving out and ending their lease early.

"I didn't know what to say, what to think," said Jazzy Thompson. "I was just in shock."

"It's pretty awful, pretty awful," said a current anonymous Southwest Crossing tenant.

While News 4 was at the complex searching for answers, other Southwest Crossing residents shared their issues, including birds nesting above their homes, ceiling leaks, even what one tenant describes as debilitating black mold.

"There's no more water leaking, but they did nothing to treat the black mold that's behind the walls," said an anonymous Southwest Crossing tenant. "I've recently had to go on a rescue inhaler for asthma. They (apartment staff) come in and somebody does a half-ass job, excuse my french."

News 4 reached out to T.E.H. Realty about the issues that have been brought to our newsroom's attention.

News 4 has yet to receive a response from the company.

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