Vehicle crashes into apartment building in Kansas City -

Vehicle crashes into apartment building in Kansas City

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Kansas City firefighters have rescued at least one person on Thursday from a car that careened into a building and ended up on its top.

The car wedged next to the building at E. 14th street and Topping Avenue at the Lawndale Heights Apartments.   

Cell phone video shows the moment strangers and neighbors rushed to help a man who was trapped inside a car after it went airborne, smashed into an apartment complex, and landed upside down.

Witnesses said the driver was speeding down 14th Street when he lost control and crashed into the side of the Lawndale Heights.

Neighbors did the best they could to try to help. 

This crash quickly grabbed the attention of everyone nearby.

Witness Yvonne Moore said, “There was an extremely loud boom in the building. We all felt the tremor. I heard screeching and then a bang.”

The neighbors saw the wreckage and heard cries for help, but the mangled car made it hard to see exactly where the driver was trapped inside the vehicle.

The man who shot the video put his phone down to try and lift the car with the help of others. As hard as they tried they couldn’t get to him.

Also, he said, gasoline was leaking and he was worried the car could catch fire.

“We were praying,” he said. “People were talking to him, trying to keep him calm, letting him know emergency help was en route,” said Moore.

Firefighters quickly used tools to cut the man free from the vehicle. He was alert and talking with them as they took him to the hospital.

“We are just all grateful that everybody is okay,” said the man who filmed the video. “We will keep the gentleman that was trapped in the vehicle in our prayers.”

Kansas City police are trying to determine what caused the crash.

We are told the man is expected to survive his injuries.

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Copyright 2017 KCTV (Meredith Corp.) All rights reserved.

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