South City residents calling for change at 'dangerous' intersect -

South City residents calling for change at 'dangerous' intersection

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ST. LOUIS ( -- People living near one busy intersection in south St. Louis are fed up with the danger is poses.

The intersection off Jamieson and Fyler Avenues, just off of Interstate 44, has seen a rise in accidents in recent years.

The intersection is controlled by stop signs, and drivers don’t seem to pay much attention to them.

“Just watch for two minutes, almost nobody comes to a complete stop,’ said resident Mark Allen. “Literally almost everyone rolls the stop sign. Once they make that rolling stop, they just gun it and go for it.”

Police records show crashes at the intersection doubled from four to eight during the last year.

Residents are calling for a stoplight at the intersection, but the solution is a bit more complicated.

“We get a lot of complaints about this particular intersection,” Ward 23 Alderman Joe Vacacaro said, of the stoplight requests. “But then we get a lot of complaints people saying  traffic would back up.”

It would also cost close to the ward's entire budget.

So Vacacaro has a better solution.

“We need police out here writing tickets. If they write the tickets people will stop,” he said.

Residents say the worst time is during rush hour when drivers ignore the four-way stops.

Alderman Vacacaro says he's contacted St. Louis police about the problem.

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