St. Louis Comptroller plans appeal, will not release funds for S -

St. Louis Comptroller plans appeal, will not release funds for Scottrade financing deal

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Scottrade Center (Credit: KMOV) Scottrade Center (Credit: KMOV)

ST. LOUIS ( -- St. Louis Comptroller Darlene Green has said she is not releasing the funds for the renovation of the Scottrade Center despite complying with a judge's orders to sign the financing agreement by Monday. 

The Board of Aldermen approved the money for renovations in February, but Green refused to sign the document, fearing it would hurt the city's credit rating.

On November 27, a judge ordered  Green to sign a $64 million financing agreement with the St. Louis Blues within five days.

Monday, she agreed to sign the document, but the money will not be released because she plans to appeal the decision. 

"I've never heard of a situation where a comptroller is taking things into his or her own hands to prevent something that's legally passed," said sports economist Patrick Rishe with Washington University. "Certainly in the NHL you don't have the revenue streams that you have in baseball so any kind of bump in the road like this one especially unexpected it's certainly gong to create some financial strain in the short term."

The legal battle has not stopped the work inside the arena. Currently the Blues are fronting the money for the improvements they say is needed to keep the facility competitive. 

The Blues have not made a statement on the issue, but Green released her own, saying she is trying to work in the best interest of city taxpayers. 

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