Arrest made as drug 10 times more powerful than cocaine gains po -

Arrest made as drug 10 times more powerful than cocaine gains popularity

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Thomas Evans Mugshot Thomas Evans Mugshot

Jason Grellner has seen just about every illegal drug trend in this area, having served 24 years in law enforcement.

Hearing emerging stories about a drug called "flakka" comes as no surprise to Grellner, who is now a retired narcotics investigator.

"I recently assisted a law enforcement officer with someone in his car who believed there was a dragon riding under the patrol car shooting at him with lasers," Grellner said.

Flakka gets its name from Spanish slang for a beautiful woman ("la flaca").

According to CNN, the drug produces a high similar to cocaine, but has the potential to be much more dangerous. Rolling Stone reports that the high of flakka is 10 times more powerful than that of cocaine.

Last weekend, Sullivan police arrested 35-year-old Thomas Evans for breaking windows and causing damage inside the Jekyll and Hyde's Sports Bar and Night Club.

Police said Evans is just one of four people who were barking like dogs, running naked and believed to have been using flakka.

"What happens quite often is drugs like flakka are mixed in with other substances, say methamphetamine, which may have been the case in Sullivan," Grellner said.

Head of the DEA Office in St. Louis James Schroba said flakka is not made domestically, but predominately in Asia and is shipped here.

"Sometimes people purchase it on the dark web," Schroba said.

Experts said flakka is a toxic mix of chemicals that can wreak havoc on the brain.

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