Here's how many germs are on your shopping cart -

Here's how many germs are on your shopping cart

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Will you be heading out to stores on Black Friday? How about just for holiday shopping this season? Before you do, you might want to consider bringing some hand wipes.

Just how dirty are shopping cart handles, though? Pretty dirty. According to Reuse This Bag, traditional grocery carts carry hundreds of times more bacteria than places in a bathroom.

The study found that the carts had 73,000 units of colony-forming bacteria per square inch. That is 361 times more than a bathroom doorknob.

Of all the bacteria found on the carts in the Reuse This Bag study, 75 percent were identified as gram-negative rods, which are harmful to humans and often antibiotic-resistant.

But shopping carts are not the only thing in a store with germs. Refrigerator doors in grocery stores also harbor tons of bacteria. The study also found a traditional grocery store fridge handle has 326,695 units of colony-forming bacteria per square inch. Not only is that nearly five times the amount on a shopping cart handle, it's also 18 times more than the amount of bacteria found on a pet toy, such as a tennis ball.

So shoppers, when you are out and about this holiday season, make sure to bring hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes to wipe down your cart's handle.

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