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Overcharged: Some ticketed drivers get refunds following News 4 Investigation

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ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) -- Drivers forced to pay too much for speeding tickets are getting refunds following a News 4 Investigation. 

The tickets were issued to speeding drivers in Palmyra, Missouri. Palmyra is located approximately 125 miles north of St. Louis on Highway 61.

The speed limit drops from 65 to 55 as motorists approach the city limits. Chris Nispel of St. Louis received a ticket in Palmyra earlier this year. According to the ticket Nispel was going 70 mph in a 55 mph zone.

In August, Janine Hofer of St. Louis County told News 4 she also received a ticket while traveling through Palmyra. Hofer's attorney told News 4 his client was overcharged for a minor speeding infraction.

In both Hofer and Nispel's cases the drivers were asked to make $100 "voluntary" donations to something called the Law Enforcement Fund. The "voluntary" donations were required in addition to the speeding fine.

According to Hofer's attorney, minor traffic offenses are capped at $225 in Missouri. 

Hofer and Nispel were asked to pay more than $300 each. 

During an interview this summer, Palmyra City Prosecutor James Lemon told News 4 the offer made to Hofer was an "error." Hofer received a refund for her overpayment. 

News 4 requested all amended speeding tickets issued in the city of Palmyra beginning January 1st 2017. Amended speeding tickets involve citations where attorneys request the speeding violation be amended to a a charge that doesn't assess points on an individuals driver's license. 

After reviewing the records, News 4 identified more than a dozen tickets involving minor traffic violations where drivers were required to pay more than $225.

One of those tickets belonged to Chris Nispel.

Nispel confirms he received a $95 refund along with a letter explaining he was overcharged.

The town prosecutor confirms 13 refunds were issued. 

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