St. Louis start-up aims to cut your cell phone bill in half -

St. Louis start-up aims to cut your cell phone bill in half

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -- A local start-up wants to help save you money on your cell phone.

"I noticed that tons and tons of people were overspending on their cell phone bills. Customer after customer coming into the store and they were complaining about the bills being higher than they should be” said Nick Lindwedel, owner of

Lindwedel worked in the cell phone industry for years before starting the company.

He told News 4 he got the idea for the company when “a customer came in and said if you can help me save money I'll pay you … a lightbulb went off.”

The motto of is “Same contract, same carrier, lower bill;" meaning you do not have to switch carriers or pay a penalty to save money each month.

“If you go to Verizon right now or Sprint they are going to offer you 3 plans and nothing against them but they don’t tell you about the best 500 plans that would best serve your needs,” said Lindwedel.

But the team at constantly updates the website with the new codes from each company that match up with those hundreds of other plans.
Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Enter in your cell phone carrier, name and number
  3. Hit get Free Quote 

That’s when a savings estimate will pop up on how much you could save each much. But that’s just an estimate.
You would have to hit “Start Saving” to see what you could actually start saving each month.

News 4 put it to the test with 2 different people’s cell phone plans. On the first bill, saved $20 a month, got a $50 credit and a $100 rebate for the next month. On the Second bill, that person was on the optimal plan and did not see any extra savings.

But Lindwedel says his site finds savings 95 percent of the time.

“If you sign up, on your very next bill will receive the savings on it then what we do is we share in the savings for a period of 12 months,” said Lindwedel. Meaning for one year, would charge you half the amount of what it found in savings. For example, if it saves you $50 a month, then you would pay the company half that, $25, for one year.

The website only works if you have a plan with one of the larger cell phone companies: ATT, Sprint, Verizon or T-Mobile.

And Lindwedel says if his company does not find you any savings, he will pay your next monthly cell phone bill.

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