Alton residents respond to crime by being a 'neighborhood again -

Alton residents respond to crime by being a 'neighborhood again'

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Holly Hill neighborhood in Alton. Credit: KMOV Holly Hill neighborhood in Alton. Credit: KMOV
ALTON, Ill. ( -

The Holly Hill neighborhood in Alton rarely has crime but recently there was a burglary and a 92-year-old man was robbed in his own home.

The crimes were a call for action for Mike Drake, a long-time resident who grew up in the neighborhood.

Drake said, "I thought enough's enough. There are enough good neighbors in this neighborhood who deserve better. So I thought I'd try to get everybody together to discuss ways to make our neighborhood better."

At a meeting he organized for the neighborhood of 50 homes, 40 residents showed up. Drake said they discussed ways to increase security and vowed to look out for one another. 

Alton Mayor Brant Walker said, "I think it's a tremendous story about how neighbors communicate, how neighbors do want to help each other and how our police department works well with our community."

Police said it's helpful for residents to know their neighbors so they can better recognize someone suspicious and then call police, because officers can't be everywhere.

Alton Police Chief Jake Simmons told News 4, "We need their help. If you see something, say something. If it looks out of line it probably is. And if it's not at least we get to go out there and have contact with the community ourselves."

One resident is compiling a list of names and phone numbers so neighbors can communicate better. And Mike Drake said they're planning to have regular neighborhood meetings.

"This isn't a call to arms but it's a call for us to start looking out for each other," said Drake.

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