Alleged Ft. Zumwalt South chant mocking East student's death nev -

Alleged Ft. Zumwalt South chant mocking East student's death never happened, coach says

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Emily Oechsner. Credit: GoFundMe Emily Oechsner. Credit: GoFundMe

ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. ( -- Students, alumni and parents of Ft. Zumwalt East and Ft. Zumwalt South were outraged Tuesday, after reports surfaced of insensitive chants at a hockey game between to the two schools.

Ft. Zumwalt East student Emily Oechsner, 16, died after a near head-on crash a week ago. At the game, students from Ft. Zumwalt South reportedly chanted, “We wear our seat belts!” over and over, a reference to the fact Oechsner was not wearing one at the time of the crash.

Social media was awash with rage in the aftermath, with one former student posting they were “ashamed” for ever having graduated there.

Comments flowed in, as well as demands for extreme action from the school.

The problem is, there’s absolutely no evidence of it happening.

According to Ft. Zumwalt South hockey coach Jeff Wear, there were approximately 10 kids at the game and parents of the players two rows behind them. An assistant coach was also in the stands.

No one in attendance reported ever hearing such a chant, and no video or audio evidence of it has surfaced.

Parents of students at both schools know Oechsner’s family, and Wear said attendees were distraught over her death.

While there doesn’t appear to be any proof of the chant happening, the rumor may have started from a tweet posted by a Holt High School student.

The post appears to be a screen shot of a Snapchat conversation in which someone uses the words from the alleged chant (although “our” is repeatedly misspelled).

It’s unclear who that person is, though the Holt Student identifies him as a Ft. Zumwalt South student.

That may have been the inciting incident that began the fictional story of the chant, and social media outrage did the rest.

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