MoDOT plan could raise SB lanes of Hwy 67 by 14 feet -

MoDOT plan could raise SB lanes of Hwy 67 by 14 feet

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The Missouri Department of Transportation is planning on raising about three quarters of one mile on Highway 67, perhaps as much as 14 feet. 

The plan calls for the raising of the southbound lanes, which have been known to be more susceptible to flooding. In the last 10 years, the lanes have been closed between six to eight times thanks to heavy rainfall's flooding. Businesses in West Alton have felt the pinch whenever the southbound lanes close because most of their customers come from Illinois. 

They are also feeling it across the river, too. 

But the closure of the lanes alone are just part of the problem. Businesses also have to deal with the perception that people think the whole area is flooded, causing them to avoid that part of town. 

The northbound lanes do act as a two-way road when southbound lanes are flooded. But travelers have said the lanes are too narrow and dangerous when that happens. 

However, changes will be a ways off. MoDOT said the plan is in it's early stages and the project could start in 2020 or 2021. 

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