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Tampa police release new video of "person of interest" in 3 killings

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TAMPA (CBS News) – Police investigating three fatal shootings that took place within a period of 11 days released an additional video Thursday of a "person of interest." 

Tampa's Interim Police Chief Brian Dugan showed reporters video of a person he said was walking toward the area where Benjamin Mitchell was killed on Oct. 9, and later running from that area.

"We are not saying this person is a suspect," a statement on the Tampa Police Department's Facebook page said. "We believe this person saw or heard something that could be a key to solving these murders." 

Dugan told reporters he could think of four possible reasons the person in the video is running from the scene of the shooting.

"One, they're late for dinner. Two, they're out running. Three, they just heard gunshots. Four, they just murdered Benjamin Mitchell," Dugan said.

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