Fire officials blame fireworks for blaze that destroyed Goldenro -

Fire officials blame fireworks for blaze that destroyed Goldenrod Showboat

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CALHOUN COUNTY, Il. ( -- Fire officials have determined the cause behind the fire that destroyed the old Goldenrod Showboat last weekend.

The North Calhoun Fire Protection District chief says it appears it was started by fireworks.

Firefighters found a half dozen Roman candle containers near the century-old boat Sunday, and with no other sources of fire present, believe that’s the cause of the blaze.

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The Goldenrod Showboat had a rich history that spanned more than 100 years. From 1909 to 1937, the beautiful boat went from town to town, performing melodramas and radio shows for residents and then moving on. It would travel on the northern rivers in the summer and southern rivers in the winter.

In 1937 it was sent to St. Louis for repairs and ended up staying in the area for the remainder of its life. Until 1983, it was a riverfront staple docked underneath the Gateway Arch, where it took part in many entertainment ventures and the famous Goldenrod Showboat Ragtime Jazz Festival.

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