New ordinance dims lights in Ellisville -

New ordinance dims lights in Ellisville

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Ellisville at night. Credit: KMOV Ellisville at night. Credit: KMOV

A building and population boom is the driver behind a new ordinance limiting outdoor lighting in Ellisville.

“It sets the benchmark standard to make sure we are doing our part and to make sure we can see the sky and the stars,” said Ellisville Mayor Adam Paul.

Many say development on Manchester Road makes the road bright light central.

“It’s a development as you move down Manchester, you’re getting subdivisions closer and closer to Manchester,” said resident Bob Kerr.

Current businesses are already grandfathered in and do not have to go along with the change.

However, any new businesses or new developments must follow the new rules, which say lights, other than security lights, must be turned off no later than an hour after any business closes.

Current businesses are being asked to just keep on the lights they need to stay secure, but not have floodlights affect neighbors.

Ellisville police have signed off on the changes. The police chief says his officers are okay with softer lighting as long as there is still enough light so they can see what’s going on.

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