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2 shootings in 2 days on the same corner has Dutchtown residents on edge

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Grand Ave near Alberta. Credit: KMOV Grand Ave near Alberta. Credit: KMOV

ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) -- On Alberta street just off of South Grand what is left of the vigil is still on the sidewalk.

People who attended it Thursday night are still afraid to show their faces on camera.

Two shootings on one corner just a day apart have left one dead and two other victims struggling to survive.

Gerald Alfred died Wednesday, one of two men shot, after what was described as a verbal argument turned violent.

When the vigil was held the next night, gunshots rang out once more, this time striking a 21-year-old woman.

The question for investigators is are the shootings connected and carried out by the same gunman?

Residents on South Grand are wondering the same thing since the woman was related to Alfred.

"We talk so much about people not caring for us and we're not caring for ourselves, we're killing each other out here," one resident said.

Researchers and doctors at Washington University studied gunshot victims at the Barnes ER for two years and found what they call to call a high burden of firearm injuries, the majority of victims in St Louis are African American men in their mid 20's.

Just like many of the shootings residents in Dutchtown are seeing.

"It's random constantly like it's almost an every night thing where people are ready for them to happen it’s like routine,” one resident said.

Police said they are still searching for suspects in both shootings.

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