More rapes reported at Saint Louis University -

More rapes reported at Saint Louis University

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ST. LOUIS ( -- Saint Louis University students received 2 alerts on Monday about recent rapes on campus. One alert said that a student reported being raped in an on campus residence early that morning. The other alert said a non-student reported being raped on campus on October 8.

"To know that there are people experiencing that within my community is sad," said SLU student, Margaret Kirsch.

In September, 3 women reported being raped on campus by student athletes. Since then 5 more sexual assaults have been posted on the Department of Public Safety's online daily crime log. Besides the 2 mentioned in this week's alerts, one reportedly occurred in December of 2016. Another was reported by a third party and the date of the offense wasn't listed. Another was reported to have occurred September 23rd but wasn't reported till October 6.    

Anna Kratky is the university's Title IX coordinator and a former sex crimes prosecutor at the St. Louis Circuit Attorney's office. She said the increase in reporting shows students are better informed about how to come forward if they're a victim.

"They know how to make that report, how to come forward at the university and say this is what's happened and I need help," said Kratky.

YWCA crisis intervention supervisor Cindy Malott said media coverage can encourage other victims to come forward. As an example, she pointed to the number of women who have gone public to say they were sexually harassed by former Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein.

Malott said, "Sometimes when media attention is brought in a rape or sexual assault sometimes that can help motivate other victims to come forward and make a report at that time or to come forward and make a report when perhaps in the past they wouldn't have."

While there may have been a recent spike in the number of reports of sexual assault on the SLU campus, Kratky said the number of rapes this year is running about the same as last year.

SLU students can reach the Department of Public Safety at 314-977-3000 and the Title IX office at 314-977-3886.

The St. Louis Regional Rape Crisis Hotline is 314-531-RAPE (7273).

For information on support services you can call the YWCA offices at 314-726-6665.

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