St. Louis winter forecast; what's in store? -

St. Louis winter forecast; what's in store?

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ST. LOUIS ( -- The Climate Prediction Center has come out with an early look at the Winter Forecast for 2017-2018.  

The La Nina pattern is expected to be weak and short-lived, but still play a minor role.  Other climate influences are less predictable, like the Arctic Oscillation, which we can see drive winter patterns about one week to two weeks out.  

So, for the meteorological winter which is December through February, the Climate Prediction Center predicts a chance of warmer-than-normal winter from about St. Louis and south.  Equal chances for warmer or cooler than normal in northern Missouri and central to northern Illinois.  

As for precipitation, both rainfall and snowfall combined, it is likely to be wetter than normal.  This forecast doesn’t break out snowfall from the precipitation forecast, as that is highly variable.

With a wetter-than-normal winter expected, drought conditions would improve and the drought would end.

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