Milky Way dubbed Missouri's most popular Halloween candy -

Milky Way dubbed Missouri's most popular Halloween candy

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ST. LOUIS ( -- Want to be a big hit on Halloween? Then you better do your research., a bulk candy retailer, collected 10 years of candy sales records from every state in the months leading up to Halloween to determine which sweet treats are the most popular across the country.


The findings may be surprising to those looking to stock up for trick or treaters.

According to their interactive map, Missouri’s most popular candy is Milky Way. More than 42,000 pounds of the candy were purchased over the last decade, making it the clear favorite in the Show Me State. Number two on the list was Double Bubble Gum, followed by Butterfinger at number three.

In Illinois Sour Patch Kids are the top seller, responsible for more than 155,000 pounds in sales. Number two is Kit Kat and number three is Reese’s Cups.

The most surprising winner has to be in Alabama, where Candy Corn beat out both Tootsie Pops and Hershey’s Bars to take the crown.

Candy Store estimates that $2.7 billion in candy will be purchased for Halloween this year.

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