Boy, 11, says he was racially taunted, hit on school bus -

Boy, 11, says he was racially taunted, hit on school bus

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Reginald Keeton. Credit: KMOV Reginald Keeton. Credit: KMOV
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An 11-year-old student in the Pattonville School District said two boys hit him and bullied him with racist taunts on while he was riding home on the bus.

Reginald Keeton says two older boys started picking on him while riding home on the bus Tuesday.

“One boy was next to me, one was across the aisle,” Keeton said. “I said ‘what have I ever done to you?’ and they just kept on hitting me.”

He says one of the boys also used a cell phone to hit him.

“I put my hood on. They tried to pull it down and they had it up and they started yelling “KKK!” said Keeton.

Keeton said the bullying went on.

“They got in my bag and grabbed my fruit snacks and started throwing them,” said Keeton.

Keeton says the bus driver did not stop the bus while the bullying was going on.

Keeton’s mother Darilyn Stevens says she has been talking with the school district, which allowed her to look at bus security footage.

“After the third hit, it’s a natural reaction, you are defending yourself because had that happened the other way around, he would have been expelled right away,” said Stevens.

The Pattonville School District said it is investigating.

“We do know that they were poking at his head and touching his head. They made a comment about the hood of his hoodie looking like it could be a point of a KKK hat,” said Pattonville Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Barry Nelson.

Stevens said her son won’t be on the bus in the near future.

Keeton said it is important for anyone who is bullied to report it.

“When someone bullies you, tell someone you know and trust, like your parents or teacher,” said Keeton.

The district told News 4 the students have been disciplined. However, it would not provide details.

Stevens said the students responsible for the bullying were banned from the bus, but she says she wants more to be done.

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