St. Louis Cardinals seek to boost security -

St. Louis Cardinals seek to boost security

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Busch Stadium (Credit: KMOV) Busch Stadium (Credit: KMOV)

Wednesday Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill asked the Department of Homeland Security to back the St. Louis Cardinals’ request for certification under the Safety Act.

It would encourage increased security and anti-terrorism measures at Busch Stadium.

The Cardinals are seeking certification under the Safety Act, which promotes anti-terrorism technologies and practices. In return the organization would be protected against lawsuits that could be filed if a terrorist attack occurred.

“One of things about this process is that it is continuous change, continuous learning, it’s not just a manual gathering dust on the shelf it’s active training. We do tests and simulations and we have to stay on the cutting edge of all these technologies,” said Cardinals President Bill DeWitt III.

McCaskill, a Democrat, wrote Wednesday to Acting Homeland Security Director Elaine Duke in support of the request.

Since the Oct. 1 shooting deaths of 58 people at a concert in Las Vegas new concerns have been raised about safety at entertainment venues. The Cardinals requested the certification before the Vegas shooting, but after the Manchester bombings at an Ariana Grande concert.

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