Man charged with animal abuse after shooting neighbor's dog -

Man charged with animal abuse after shooting neighbor's dog

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Ruger. Credit: Dukart family Ruger. Credit: Dukart family

A Manchester family has justice for their dog after it was shot by a neighbor.

Jackie Dukart says she is not sure how her dog Ruger got out of the house on October 4. She said she later saw him coming up the driveway.

“I could tell something was wrong. I got him in the house and he was bleeding, he had a gunshot wound,” said Dukart.

Ruger died a short time later. Police said neighbor Barry Armfield told them he was in his driveway when Ruger approached him in an “aggressive manner, growling and barking. The resident, who felt threatened and feared the dog was going to attack him, shot the dog.”

Dukart says her dog was never known to be aggressive.

“I’m not denying he would bark, dogs bark. He was never aggressive. I’ve never seen it. Ruger has lots of friends, the neighborhood knows Ruger,” said Dukart.

The family has hired an attorney, and now Armfield is charged with first degree animal abuse. Police documents say Armfield "purposely caused an injury" to Ruger. 

The crime is a misdemeanor and authorities say it was Armfield's first offense. 

News 4 attempted to contact him but never heard back.

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