Affton School District enacts tax rollback -

Affton School District enacts tax rollback

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AFFTON, Mo. ( -- The Affton Board of Education has approved a tax rate which included a rollback of 35 cents.

The board unanimously approved the 2017 blended tax rate of $5.4788, citing an increase in property values as a reason for the rollback.

“Due to an unexpected increase in assessed valuation of properties in our community, Affton School District is opting to forego funds that would be made possible by Proposition I, an operating tax levy increase approved by voters in November 2016,” said board president Tom Bellavia.

The district put forth Propositions I and N last fall, stating they needed $3 million to remain financially stable.

As property values increased, the district saw more revenue and opted to take just three cents of the money provided by Proposition I, along with the funds from Prop N. This allowed them to hit the financial target, so they enacted the rollback.

“We, together with our Board of Education, feel strongly that the district should continue to live within our means. We are committed to helping our community stay strong,” said Affton School District Superintendent Steve Brotherton.

“It is vitally important that our Board of Education remain fiscally responsible, and that includes easing the tax burden on our community whenever possible,” added Bellavia.

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