Driver speeds through 'Convict Stockley' protest in Kirkwood ove -

Driver speeds through 'Convict Stockley' protest in Kirkwood overnight

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An SUV seen on video speeding through protesters in Kirkwood Wednesday night (Credit: / YouTube) An SUV seen on video speeding through protesters in Kirkwood Wednesday night (Credit: / YouTube)

KIRKWOOD, Mo. ( – An SUV sped through a crowd of protesters in Kirkwood Wednesday night.

Jon Ziegler was live streaming the protest online and recorded the vehicle speeding through the crowd.

He told News 4, "Fortunately the driver who attempted to hit protesters was blaring his horn when he decided to accelerate his vehicle it did give people time to turn around and notice he was coming and jump out of the way. I think that's the only reason somebody didn't get seriously injured last night."

The protesters were in the area to bring attention to the first-degree murder trial of former St. Louis Police Officer Jason Stockley. A demonstrator told News 4 they chose to protest in Kirkwood because they wanted to bring the attention to an audience who might not be following the case.

The protesters carried signs that read “Black Lives Matter” and “Convict Killer Cops #JasonStockley.”

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At one point during the protest, some of the demonstrators blocked the road. A man in a white SUV and some of the protesters talked for five minutes about the protest and why they were blocking the road. During their conversation, an officer approached the driver and said something to him, the driver was then heard on video stating “Nah, I want in this” and the officer walked away while the protester and driver continued their conversation.

What is believed to be the same SUV is then seen on video speeding through the protesters near city hall. Someone in the crowd threw something onto the windshield of the SUV, which caused a loud crunch noise to be heard.

After the driver stopped, people rushed to the SUV and hit it. The driver then drove away.  

Kirkwood Police confirm they're investigating the incident and that no one was hurt. But are not saying if they've identified the driver and whether he'll face charges.

Warning explicit content: Click here to watch video of the incident

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