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C-17s arrive at Scott AFB to ride out Hurricane Irma

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SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE (KMOV.com) -- Several C-17s, the Air Force’s $200 million troop transport plane, have begun arriving at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois.

They were moved from their base in Charleston, South Carolina to get out of the path Hurricane Irma as it heads toward the southeast United States.

The planes will be used in recovery efforts, but will remain in the safety of the Midwest as the storm approached.

“These crews as they land we're getting them set up to be on the road shortly after this so we're very grateful for team Scott for opening the doors opening the runway to us their support has been phenomenal and we look forward to going ahead to operate these aircraft out of team Scott," said Lt. Colonel Francisco Flores.

A total of 12 C-17s are expected to arrive at Scott AFB by the end of Friday. After the storm passes, the planes will most likely be sent into some of the worst areas hit by the storm -

"Anything from hurricane relief to taking care of air medical evacuation from the affected zones as well as our worldwide 24 - 7 capability that we have to go ahead and maintain so these aircraft, these crews are able and willing to go anywhere in the world if its need to," Flores said.

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