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News 4 Schools: Kindergarten teacher captures students' first day of school

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The first day of school could be considered a very photo-worthy event for parents and teachers alike. 

But for the students, it can be a little intimidating, especially if it's your first day of school at a very young age. 

Amy Kilpatrick, a Murphy Elementary kindergarten teacher in High Ridge took out her GoPro camera and captured the unforgettable day for many of her students. 

With her camera out, Kilpatrick observed that tears were not in short supply on that day. 

On that day, Kilpatrick saw a little bit of everything, from daddy's little girl not wanting to leave daddy just yet, or a little brother in need of an encouraging nudge, But the reason Kilpatrick took out the camera was for perspective. 

"I guess you don't realize, and a lot of people don't realize, how all over the place things are on the first day of school," Kilpatrick said. 

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