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Evacuees landing in St. Louis feel relief, concern as Hurricane Irma travels forward

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV.com) -

With mandatory evacuation orders expanding in Florida in anticipation for Hurricane Irma's potential landing, many are flying out of the state to avoid the hurricane's wrath. 

Florida Governor Rick Scott said residents should expect more evacuations as the potential path for Irma expands. Numerous counties in the state, especially on the eastern coastline, have already evacuated. 

St. Louis is just one of several destinations Florida residents are evacuating to. 

Many evacuees arrived at St. Louis Lambert International airport Thursday with feelings of relief, fear, and even both as they land in clearer conditions. 

Marge Gallagher of Fort Lauderdale left her condo behind, which is blocks from the ocean. 

"I'm really worried about it," Gallagher said. "They say the first floor will be flooded because they're talking about a 16-foot surge." 

Gallagher said she is on the 14th floor of the condominium, but she is still worried about the windows. 

Sandy Cima said she planned to get to St. Louis on Sunday to visit family in Fenton. She said she hopped on the flight to St. Louis and is relieved that Southwest had available flights out of Florida. 

But the concern remains. 

:"We hope we have a building to go back to," Cima said. 

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