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Volunteers from St. Louis ready to help in hurricane efforts

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When facing a storm, every second counts and the same could be said for those offering help. 

"I was just sitting at a restaurant having breakfast and talking to this lady about going down there. I saw on the news the American Red Cross was looking for volunteers," said Gary Havel. 

Havel just retired from the post office after working 27 years. 

"I am kind of in between jobs, so am like hey, I have some free time. I love to help people. So, I am like I will just go sign-up," added Havel. 

Havel is one of dozen getting ready to deploy with the American Red Cross help those soon to be impacted by Hurricane Irma. 

"The way Hurricane Irma is pointed, right now, everyone in Florida should be getting prepared as well as those along the east coast," said Cindy Erickson, Chief Executive Officer of the American Red Cross' St. Louis Chapter.

The CEO is also deploying. 

"We are moving our sheltering resources as well as our people resources down to into Florida and the eastern seaboard," added Erickson. 

The organization managed 33,000 people in 200 shelters, at its peak, for Hurricane Harvey. 

Erickson has seen, in recent days, the number drop to 16,000. 

"That means a good thing. They have another place to stay versus a shelter. For hurricane Irma, we have moved supplies to be able to shelter up to about  120,000," added Erickson. 

The storm's scope made Susan Burnstein sign-up for deployment to Florida. 

"I'm fortunate to not be in that situation and i would love to know there would be someone to give me a hand," said Burnstein. 

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