St. Louis-area First responders back from Houston prepping for r -

St. Louis-area First responders back from Houston prepping for redeployment

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ST. LOUIS ( -- Just a week after Hurricane Harvey hit U.S. shores, Hurricane Irma is barreling through the nations in the Caribbean Sea on its way to Florida.

Many who helped people survive Harvey are just getting back to their own lives, but Irma is making their return a shorter visit than expected.

It was only a few days ago, News 4 covered 28 first responders from the St. Louis, packing up to head out to Texas.

The task force is back, having performed rescues of people and animals.

“Every stop we made and every place we went, we were greeted with open arms. We had people thanking us with handshakes and hugs," said Jeremy Hollrah with the St. Charles Ambulance District. “"The big thing, discussed in our group was how welcoming the people of Texas were.”

The Houston deployment was the first of its kind for the task force. Now, they’re getting ready to do it again in Florida.

"The guys now know what to expect when you are in an area and don't have resources, or in an area where you can't to the store and grab some stuff," Hollrah said. “We are not quite sure yet where the landfall is but we are starting to get the resources amped up.”

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