Failed truck thefts cause thousands in damage -

Failed truck thefts cause thousands in damage

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IMPERIAL, Mo. ( -- Jefferson County Sheriff's detectives are trying to identify the thieves who caused more than $10,000 damage at a car lot in Imperial. Investigators say the thieves broke into four diesel pickups at the MotoMafia car lot in the 6400 block of Highway 61 early Sunday morning, but were unable to get the vehicles started.

Owner Josh Reed told News 4, "It just frustrates you as a small business owner."

Reed said surveillance video shows a thief breaking into trucks on his lot from 3:52 a.m. to 4:26 a.m. Sunday while accomplices stood watch in a vehicle across the street.  Reed said the thief failed to hot wire the trucks because they require a key with a computer chip to start. However, the repeated attempts caused extensive damage to the vehicles.

According to Cpl. Matt Moore of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department, "We have some information that the same suspect has been to several others businesses in the area attempting the same type of crime."

Investigators believe the same thief and his accomplices tried to steal trucks at a car lot in Crystal City and successfully stole a work truck from a home remodeling business on North Truman Boulevard. 

"I wish they'd prosecute them and lock them up for a long time, because it seems like they get out and keep doing it again," said Reed.

Reed is offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and prosecution of the criminals.

He's hoping someone will watch the surveillance video and recognize the pickup that the thief drove away in.

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