Tradition vs sensitivity; dueling petitions aimed at Holt mascot -

Tradition vs sensitivity; dueling petitions aimed at Holt mascot

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A high school in the Wentzville School District is seeing a growing debate over whether or not the institution should change the name of its mascot: the Indian. 

Currently, there are dueling online petitions: one calling for Holt High School to keep its mascot name, The Indians, while the other is calling for the name to remain. 

One side calls the name insensitive. The other calls it tradition. 

Over the weekend, a petition to change the mascot name was uploaded to It was created by a Holt High senior. Hundreds of people signed the petition. However, Holt senior Taylor Morrison did not. 

"I do not find the Indian racist, whatsoever," Morrison said. 

Instead of signing the original petition, Morrison made her own that called for the high school to keep the mascot's name. She said those signing her petition put their graduation dates on their signature. She said it was "cool" to see the school have such a powerful alumni group. 

The Indian mascot has been around for 100 years. 

The district issued a statement on the matter, saying it welcomes "healthy and respectful discussions." But the district said the response it's received has been overwhelmingly in favor of keeping the mascot name. 

Both sides of the issue said they plan on presenting their petitions to district officials. 

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