St. Peters shocked to discover city traffic ordinances don't cov -

St. Peters shocked to discover city traffic ordinances don't cover parks

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St. Peters City Hall (Credit: KMOV) St. Peters City Hall (Credit: KMOV)

ST. PETERS, Mo. ( -- The City of St. Peters is grappling with a tough question: How do you enforce a law when there's no law to enforce?

City aldermen were getting complaints about traffic in Woodlands Sports Park. With its soccer fields, ball fields and playground, kids were always present and drivers were going too fast.

“People were concerned about all the games going on and when they were coming or going people were speeding and they were worried about the safety about some of the other children,” said St. Peters Communications Director Lisa Bedian.

There are speed limits posted and plenty of “no parking” signs, but when the city looked into the problem it found it didn't have an ordinance on the books that covered city parks.

“There's traffic ordinances on the books but they're about city streets,” Bedian said. “And when you're talking about an ordinance just the inclusion of one word or not including a word makes all the difference in the world in an ordinance.”

Many people just assumed city traffic laws covered the city's 25 parks and city aldermen said the oversight is really kind of embarrassing. Now, St. Peters is looking at updating its ordinances.

An updated ordinance could be in place by the end of the year.

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