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Tenants take legal action against landlord allegedly unlawfully locking them out

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Reginald Williams is accused of illegally evicting tenants. Credit: KMOV Reginald Williams is accused of illegally evicting tenants. Credit: KMOV
(Credit: KMOV) (Credit: KMOV)

A former tenant of a north St. Louis single-family home is accusing her landlord and building manager of illegally locking her out and threatening eviction in August. 

"It's wrong and it's against the law," said Je're Reid.

Reid's a former tenant at a boarded-up single family home on the 3900 block of Greer Avenue in St. Louis.

"It's not fair, we should not have to go through this," said Reid.

The dispute between the tenants and their property managers has now become a battle in court.

Renters claim black mold, bug infestation and bad management are all things they're dealing with on a regular basis, but the unlawful eviction was the last straw.

"You cannot illegally evict people because that's what you want to do," said Reid. "That's not how it works."

"How can I be a slumlord and you stayed in my property for six months?" said Reginald Williams.

Reginald Williams is the former owner and current manager of the Greer Avenue property.

Williams told News 4 several tenants aren't paying rent on time, but still complain about conditions.

"They haven't paid rent in two months, so how can I go along if you don't pay the rent?" said Williams.

In St. Louis, a court order and 30 days notice is required to evict a tenant.

On Thursday, a judge ordered Williams to refrain from bothering renters until a September 8 hearing.

"Sewage blockage, electric cross-wiring it's just been tragic," said Shontell Davis.

Davis said she wants to raise her newborn son in a safe environment, but with a fixed income and her name already on a lease, she hopes her story will inspire other renters in similar situations.

"I'm glad something is being done about this and if anyone else is going through what we're going through, please come forward and tell someone before it's too late," said Davis.

According to Arch City Defenders, the attorneys representing the tenants, the property's been condemned for occupancy by the city.

ACD expects Williams to appeal the city's decision.

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