Past hurricane victims relive horror stories as Hurricane Harvey -

Past hurricane victims relive horror stories as Hurricane Harvey causes destruction

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Lisa Roggeman. Credit: KMOV Lisa Roggeman. Credit: KMOV
ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -

Lisa Roggeman re-lived her horror of surviving two hurricanes when Harvey made landfall in Texas. 

"Every single major hurricane as soon I see floods and people getting water rescued, I start getting a little sweaty," says Roggeman. 

She was living in New Orleans in 2005 with her husband who is legally blind. That is when Hurricane Katrina was making its way towards them. 

"When we heard it was a mandatory evacuation we said 'ugh we gotta go," says Roggeman. 

They rushed back and packed the essentials. 

"I was going through the process so we picked up all of my immigration documents," says Roggeman. 

Roggeman and her husband stayed with family as Katrina tore up much of New Orleans.  But as they were about to go home, Hurricane Rita hit. 
They stayed with family.  When they were clear to go home about five weeks later, how they left their home was not how they found it. 

"We got the door open inside the smell is overwhelming we hadn't been back, the water, mushrooms growing from the floor," says Roggeman. 

Roggeman and her husband moved to St. Louis in 2005.  She says the city has great resources for those who are blind, so it was a perfect match for her husband. 

The hardest part of hurricane season she says is not knowing when one may strike or where.

"You may have been through it before, especially living down south. You know it's going to happen, it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when," she says. 

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