SLFCO looking to find placement for Rally Cat -

SLFCO looking to find placement for Rally Cat

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -

St. Louis Feral Cat Outreach (SLFCO). is trying to find placement for the cat who inspired a St. Louis Cardinals comeback win against the Kansas City Royals and the furry hero to Redbird fans. 

The SLFCO said the feline, named Rally Cat, has been examined, quarantined, passed its tests for disease and rabies with "flying colors." The organization said Rally Cat is being pampered and fed to permit some weight gain prior to sterilization, which is done to reduce the homeless population among cats. 

Now, SLFCO is asking for the public's help in locating an appropriate placement for Rally Cat.   

Could the local ball club be an option?

That does not seem to be the case. 

Albert S. Watkins, the SLFCO's legal counsel, said the organization is aware of the team's ability and desire "to commercially exploit Rally Cat." 

"However, commercial exploitation simply must take a back seat to that which is right for this four-legged, furry creature," Watkins said in a press release. 

After Rally Cat's national debut, he went missing following the game. He was later found by SLFCO. The Cardinals said following his 10-day quarantine, Rally Cat would return to the team. The SLFCO said that was not the case. 

"SLFCO made it clear that no such commitment had been made and the health and well-being of Rally Cat had to be addressed prior to any such commitment," the organization said in a press release.  

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