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'Bait dog' missing teeth rescued, believed to be used in dog fighting

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Three-year-old Buster, a pit-mix, was found in north St. Louis and his rescuers believe he was used as a bait dog to help train other dogs to fight.

Now he walks with the help of a sling.

“He was just a mess,” remembered Robb Cunningham, “just skin and bones, emaciated."

Cunningham was feeding a group of feral cats when Buster approached them.

“He laid down which kind of made me a little cautious, but then one of my kitties came over to the area that he was at, they actually scared him which shows you how sweet this guy really is,” said Cunningham.

He reached out to Missouri K9 Friends for help.

Buster is being treated at Veterinary Specialty Services in Manchester.

Mandy Ryan with Missouri K9 Friends said he has teeth that have either been pulled or filed down open gashes and scars, and one leg that will have to have surgery for an ACL injury. Buster also has bed sores and an injured toe.

“Him being seen by somebody saved his life, otherwise he would have died out there,” said Ryan.

Ryan said there’s definitely dog fighting happening in the area, but that it’s hard to catch people.

“People that do know stuff are terrified to say anything about it and it’s just disgusting, but it does happen,” said Ryan.

She encourages anyone who sees animal abuse to report it.

Buster needs to gain weight and get healthier before he can be treated for heartworms. Then his other treatments and surgery can follow.

A fundraiser has been set up for Buster’s care, you can find the link here.

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