Got $30,000? You could buy this EPIC Nintendo collection -

Got $30,000? You could buy this EPIC Nintendo collection

(Photo: MilwaukeeNintendo) (Photo: MilwaukeeNintendo)

(MEREDITH) -- If you find a spare $30,000 and absolutely love Nintendo, we know just the thing for you: a Milwaukee man’s classic Nintendo collection.

Charles Amble, one of the most dedicated Nintendo fans on the planet, is willing to let his collection go for a price.

Included in this giant piece of history are 700 NES, SNES, and Nintendo 64 games. He also has a bunch of knickknacks like clocks, globes, displays, etc.

But why is Amble selling it? Because he is talking about having kids and might be moving to a house where there won’t be room for his collection (which he spent 8,000 on putting together). He acquired everything through garage sales and Craigslist deals.

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