Filmmaker behind Ferguson documentary: A lot of perspectives are -

Filmmaker behind Ferguson documentary: A lot of perspectives are misunderstood

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Filmmaker Christopher Phillips. Credit: KMOV Filmmaker Christopher Phillips. Credit: KMOV

What better way to create and be part of something to share than knowing the material you're presenting?

Christopher Phillips had lived in Ferguson for 10 years at the time of Michael Brown's shooting. He was living in the same complex as Brown. 

"I came outside and saw about 400-500 people around this small apartment complex. From that moment, I knew this was going to be something to change the face of this city," Phillips. 

Phillips, a filmmaker, focused his eyes on the size of crowds in Ferguson and then later the media attention. 

"I thought it was an opportunity to take advantage of while the eyes of the world were on St. Louis, or Ferguson in particular, to kind of exploit and tell people about those issues," added Phillips. 

He spent one year gathering stories from people in Ferguson, pulling news clips and a couple of weeks putting together 'Ferguson 365.' 

"I mean, I shot everything with these two hands. I did a bunch of different formats," added Phillips. 

Ten hours and 20 terabytes of footage made the documentary. St. Louis Cinemas is showing in two theaters. 

"This turned out to be a lot bigger than I initially expected. It's definitely a good thing. It is good for him. It is good for the community," said Galleria 6 Cinemas General Manager Landon Burris. 

"The main thing I wanted to do with the film was really expose it in a raw format and bring the perspective from the people within the fight," added Phillips. 

Phillips told News 4 while making the film, he learned a lot of perspectives are misunderstood. He says, sometimes, from both sides.

'Ferguson 365' plays at Galleria 6 Cinemas on Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. It plays at the Moolah Theater on Saturday at 11:00 a.m

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