Not all local NAACP chapters support national organization's Mo. -

Not all local NAACP chapters support national organization's Mo. travel advisory

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -

The Missouri Travel Advisory, according to the St. Louis NAACP, is a heads up to make people aware of problems facing blacks in Missouri.

Sitting down with the chapter's president, News 4 asked why didn't the national organization give the same caution to people in other states with similar laws.
"I think the issue, in the past, has been if you thought you had a problem when you submitted something. it was an ask to support for an outright boycott," said St. Louis NAACP President Adolphus Pruitt. 

Pruitt told News 4 local chapters in Missouri wanted to give a warning. 

But Thursday afternoon. the St. Louis County Chapter of the NAACP said they do not support the advisory.

Pruitt tells News 4 the alert is to bring focus to what the NAACP calls "discriminatory laws."

The St. Louis County chapter says laws like that are already in place in 38 other states and questions why there aren't alerts for those states as well.

Stacey Washington hosts "Stacy on the Right" and is co-chair of a group of black conservatives known as Project 21.

"While I wrap myself in my warm blanket of victim-hood. I am peering out, cautiously, from my front window here looking for the cattle calls. Is someone coming to get me? I think not," said Washington. 

Washington's group calls the travel advisory a stunt "only serving to racially fracture  our national psyche."

"What I don't understand is why we shoot ourselves in the foot by creating a travel advisory that would lower our economic ability to fight. If you don't like what he's doing, we have legislative remedies for that," added Washington. 

With opposition from the St. Louis County Chapter of the NAACP,  News 4 wanted to know the national NAACP's take on the situation. News 4 called the national office but the voicemail was full. 

Friday morning, the ACLU released the following statement regarding the NCAAP's travel advisory: 

The ACLU of Missouri looks at our legal system for constitutional violations and affirms what the NAACP has boldly decided to call out: Missouri’s new discrimination law is a Jim Crow law.  We are saddened the Missouri Legislature chose to continue its mistreatment of people of color and women by passing Senate Bill 43.

Time and time again, politicians have had the opportunity to make the lives of Missourians better – instead of proactively addressing racial disparities and sexual harassment in our state, this law draws negative attention from across the nation that will surely hurt communities and businesses.

Missouri has made it clear that it is not a safe place for people of color. African-Americans are 75 percent more likely to get stopped by whites in Missouri. It is clear that it is not a safe place for women or their health. Missouri is one of seven states in the nation with one abortion clinic and the new laws governing women’s constitutional right to an abortion will open the state up to more legal challenges. Senate Bill 43 guts the Missouri Human Right Act – a piece of legislation that was both innovative, inclusive and modeled what our democracy should champion: equal rights for all.

We are thankful to NAACP State Conference President Nimrod Chapel for his visionary leadership during this shameful act of Missouri’s history.

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