Actions of Stockley and his colleagues questioned at trial -

Actions of Stockley and his colleagues questioned at trial

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Jason Stockley (KMOV) Jason Stockley (KMOV)

The murder case against former St. Louis Metropolitan Police Officer Jason Stockley adjourned early for the day Wednesday and the prosecution is expected to wrap up their side of the case Thursday. 

Stockley is accused of first-degree murder against Anthony Smith after a police chase in 2011. It’s a murder trial the likes of which haven’t been seen in nearly two decades. 

Stockley left the courthouse Wednesday in the back of his attorney's car. 

The police chase and shooting were caught on dash camera video and bystander cell phone video. 

Prosecutors have been arguing that Stockley intended to kill and that he planted a gun. 

In fact, much of the questioning has focused on a portion of the cell phone video where you can see Stockley taking off his gloves. Police officers who testified Wednesday say they wouldn't take off gloves if they were about to handle evidence. 

The car camera video then shows Stockley rifling through a bag in the back of the police car, but his body blocks what he retrieves. The defense has previously argued he was going to retrieve a medical pad in order to render air. An officer today testified that no one attempted to render aid to Smith on the scene. 

Stockley’s defense has also argued that Stockely did touch a gun recovered from Smith’s car, but only to render it safe. 

Thursday, we expect to hear from DNA experts. Prosecutors say only Stockley's DNA is on the gun. 

Family members for both sides have declined to comment. 

It may be days, even weeks before a judge issues a verdict in this case. News 4 will continue to cover this story and bring you more as it develops. 

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