Mobile home parks to shut down if Madison County gets its way -

Mobile home parks to shut down if Madison County gets its way

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A rundown mobile home in Madison County (Credit: KMOV) A rundown mobile home in Madison County (Credit: KMOV)

Leaders in Madison County are working to take action against four mobile home parks – and possibly shut them down.

Officials in the Planning and Development Department for the county said there are several violations.

“Our entire motivation here is to make sure that our residents in Madison County and in this park have an acceptable standard of living,” said Eve Drueke, with Madison County Planning and Development. “What we have to do is be sensitive to the fact that these are people’s homes. Nobody should be unnecessarily disrupted when they’re trying to live their lives. We just want to make sure they’re able to exist there without hazard to their health or safety.”

Drueke said the violations include tall weeds, standing debris, dilapidated structures and raw sewage.

Old 66, Edwards Estates, Lakeshore Estates, University Flats residents are the ones caught in the middle.

“I think he needs to fix the things and get things back to where they need to be. I don’t think forcing everybody to move is the correct answer," said Riley Martin, who lives there.

Martin admits there are issues that need to be fixed but would like the county to think about those who live there. 

Drueke said the county is trying to withhold the licenses for the four mobile home for 90 days while these issues are fixed. If not - people who live there may have to get out.

“We want to make sure that it doesn’t come to that,” said Drueke. “We certainly hope it doesn’t and again this will be a years-long process so we will be weighing serious issue of people’s homes and where they live.”

Three of the four mobile home parks are owned by the same man. County leaders said they’ve tried contacting him for months, and got nowhere. News 4 also tried and didn’t get a response.

County leaders said the owner owes the county money from flooding and other sewage issues. 

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