Cities plan for spending Prop P tax revenue -

Cities plan for spending Prop P tax revenue

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Creve Coeur PD. Credit: KMOV Creve Coeur PD. Credit: KMOV

( - Cities across St. Louis County are beginning to make plans for how they'll spend the tax revenue from Proposition P.

In April, voters approved the one-half of one percent sales tax increase, which is expected to raise $80 million for public safety. $34 million from the tax will be divided up among municipalities in the county, based on population.

Creve Coeur Police Chief Glenn Eidman told News 4, "For us to have additional revenue to try to keep up with what's going on in the world today is really
important to us."  

Eidman said his city tentatively plans to spend the $892,000 they'll receive, on future pay raises, training, equipment, reserves for a pension plan and technology in a new police department building being paid for by a $10 million bond issue.

On Wednesday Chesterfield Mayor Bob Nation told News 4 that officers in his city are already among the highest paid in the area and using the extra $2.3 million "just doesn't seem to be a responsible use of taxpayer dollars."

Nation said he may use the money to fill potholes.

Florissant is the largest city in St. Louis County and will receive the largest amount, $2.6 million. The Florissant Police Department has said it plans to use its money to give officers a raise and to purchase body cameras.

The tax revenue is expected to have a big impact on some of the smallest cities. St. John will receive $326,000 and Police Chief John Morris said he'll spend the money on the top three priorities, salaries, training and safety equipment.

Calverton Park is a community of just 1,300 residents and will receive $65,000 annually from the Prop P tax. Police Chief Vince Delia said the money is helping the city hire an 8th police officer.

"It's pretty much a no brainer, we know we needed another man on the street. We can always use another police officer on the streets," said Chief Delia.

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